‘Don’t Tell Mum’ – New Children’s book available via Magcloud

Don’t tell mum

By Stephen Ignacio in Children’s Books by Stephen Ignacio

12 pages, published 3/19/2021 A short children’s story where Dan disobeys his mother and needs to be rescued from a pit by his friend Pat.

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After months of thinking about it and planning I finally completed my first children’s illustrated short story.

‘Don’t tell mum’ is a simple narrative in which a boy called Dan doesn’t listen to his mother’s warning and gets stuck in a pit. His friend Pat comes to help him. The book is a simple story which is aimed at delivering a short message to young readers about the dangers of not listening to the warnings given by parents.

The simple narrative is also aimed at assisting in the learning of words and sentences using simple language based on the early years education programme.

Publishing through Magcloud not only allows readers to purchase a print copy but also makes available the opportunity to buy a digital copy instead whilst keeping the overall costs down.

‘Don’t tell mum’ is a pilot test publication which is aimed at further developing a series of publications for young children where the focal point will be on education and clear illustrations which aid their learning.

This has been among one of the many projects I have wished to embark upon for many years and which after the past year I have decided that maybe it was time to set some time aside to actually follow through with some of the projects and get them done.

Among other projects which I hope will see the light of day during the coming year will be a display of my illustrations and sculptures and hopefully an exhibition of my drawings.

More on my latest illustrations and, yes its new, my adventures into the world of wood carving, in the next blogs (someday I will get down to write it).

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