Deciding directions at a crossroads

Past few months as you will have noticed I decided to not write anything about my art, at least not on this blog. I had reached a crossroad you could say. I had become to comfortable with one style and had started to look at other avenues I wanted to try and it was time to walk out of the comfort zone.

It was time to experiment and try things which I had not tried in many years, sculpture, modelling, believe it or not charcoal and pencil drawings, even getting to paint on a canvas. The crossroads became a discovery of old and new.

It has also been a time when I have been able to start shedding away some images which I’ve sort of become obsessed with and start looking for new imagery and new ideas. That’s probably the hardest thing to do when you constantly trying to churn out stuff. And that probably is the biggest problem with the direction I was talking, I was churning out stuff.

So recently I turned to mix into my work looking at things already there. Old photos, images of places and people and this led to more sketching, drawings and other stuff. My obsession, which seems to be the wooden hut and the fairy house (or my interpretation of it) went into the direction of building models and sculptures (something which has been annoying my partner since she finds my desk all strewn with cardboard cut outs and suddenly one small clay house became five or six. But creating them was a release from the directions I was taking and a breather in my arts.

You could say that reaching this crossroad has provided direction, chaotic as it seems and it’s one thing I would advise others to do. Sometimes we can become complacent and stick to what we doing well but really not be progressing further from there. So sometimes it is good to step back try something new and start making mistakes and learning new things afresh. You tend to bring the things you have learnt into your artwork and these will take you unto a next stage.

Living through a pandemic has provided more time to focus on my own art, although the pandemic itself has reduced the creative side, mainly because as a person who has always been out and about I do much less of it so I have had to look deeper to find ideas and inspiration. But it’s has taught me that inspiration is not always necessary always. Looking back at your own work, at images and others ideas can end up turning out something new.

Now it looks as if we entering another lockdown, it looks as if I will have even more time on my hands so we shall see what I end up producing.

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