A new normal – the designs for masks


Back in April when the opportunity arose to create designs for masks i grappled with the idea. It seemed totally wrong to even consider it, the world was living through a global pandemic, tens of thousands were losing their lives and it just seemed wrong to even think that your designs could be worn on something which was there to reduce the risk of the spread of a deadly virus.
Redbubble, teepublic, spread shirts and many other on-demand print services had risen to the challenge to offer designers the opportunity to place their designs on more than just the usual apparels.
Masks had suddenly gone from being a trend seen worn in Asian countries such as China, to an item which was suddenly becoming an essential in Western Europe and the US.
There was also a chance where you could make a difference in putting across your own message, or brightening up something which was becoming a symbol of crisis.
One design, became two and within weeks creating designs which would work on other apparels and masks became you could say a ‘new normal.’
Designing for a mask has now become something of a creative challenge, an opportunity to try something new and look for new concepts and ideas.
A design for a tee shirt does not necessarily work the same on a mask, yet finding that balance between both has been challenging.
Additionally trying to transmit some of the social messages that have arisen in these past weeks has added that extra challenge which has allowed the creative juices to flow.
What has surprised me the most is how in just a few short weeks my own attitude has changed, and its really now different to anyone else. From living through a public health crisis, lockdown with our social movements restricted, to starting to return to resuming our activities. From living with the fear of the risks of living through a global pandemic to assimilating the risk and making it a part of our normal activities whilst trying to resume normality. It has been just a few short weeks and you could say that you know things can become an acceptable norm when designers start creating ideas to make things like a mask into a fashionable item to wear.
I now look forward to see if any of my designs are used. I’ve even started to consider whether I should start looking at putting my designs on leather after seeing some of the latest trends creating masks from leather as true fashion accessories, with a purpose.

Check my shop at Redbubble on stephenignacio.redbubble.com

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