So what is SQUIGGLE?
It’s everything, and it’s absolutely nothing, it is as meaningless as you can get. Yet it is also an excellent excuse to smile, to feel silly, to forget the pressures around you for a moment and just to stop taking life so seriously.
It is an opportunity to take the piss without offending, to dance without rhythm or care, to feel different, to have nothing to say yet get asked what the hell is a squiggle.
Because a squiggle is just that, a squiggle. It sounds good, it moves well and it is just as meaningless as it can get, it’s a squiggle.
The squiggle collection creates a whole trend around a meaningless moment of silliness. From wearing it to even dancing to it if you want, a Squiggle is the very thing you might need or want. And even if you don’t think that is the case, just that minor moment thinking what a load of crap, what the hell, or just ‘wtf’ why would someone come up with such a stupid concept is worth every second of creating Squiggle, the concept. Because it is squiggle.
When it was first created I was told it was daft, who would want it? Months later squiggle might not be a global trend but some people have wanted it.
Months after I first showed someone those same people who said it was so stupid it might work actually still remember the squiggle.

The squiggle sticker has sold to some people across the world, its shouldn’t have sold to anyone, supposedly, but squiggle is just that squiggle.
Squiggle has an audience and it is silly enough to be a perfectly serious solution to take the woes away at a time when everyone needs something to smile about.
It doesn’t offend, it has no nationality, no race, or religion, and it could just as likely have every nationality it wishes to take, every religion you wish it to embrace, every race you wish it to be. It can make the most serious situations turn into the silliest moments, it can make you laugh as well as cry, it can momentarily change your life.
Because every moment as we have learnt lately is precious and of squiggle makes a momentary difference then Squiggle was worth it.
Just turn every moment into a squiggle moment or just turn one moment into a squiggle moment and already squiggle will have been a success. Because you ain’t lived life unless you’ve Squiggled. And you just have.

Check out the Squiggle Collection at my Redbubble Shop

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