Great restart with “Lockdown:inked by Gibraltar Magazine“ feature

It’s been a good week starting with getting featured in the monthly publication The Gibraltar Magazine thanks to Elena Scialtiel.
The feature focuses on my work during the lockdown, which I never did think would get much attention considering that my work was like a little fish in this massive ocean of noise. But it’s somewhat of a very good surprise and confidence booster when I was asked if I was interested to be featured. Thanks Elena.
The fact the article has come out just as we enter stage three of the Unlock the Rock and on the same week I could finally meet my son following the lockdown made it even more special. I had not seen my eldest since March 4. Circumstances ensured that we had to keep from meeting even before the lockdown. Like many it was not easy, especially during those days when uncertainty over whether either of us had been infected or not was present but neither of us could do much more than support each other over the phone.
Seeing him was special. Showing him the article was a proud moment. The fact he has been one of my greatest supporters, encouraging me to keep at it and do more these past years, even assisting me in getting an iPad Pro and pen (his surprise gift to me), when you get your work featured in one of the most popular monthly magazines on the Rock and you can show your eldest son, made it even more special.

You can read the article by clicking here.

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