Getting to talk about my art… not my photography

Two years ago a good friend challenged me to speak about my artwork on TV. We had met through the media many years before and she was very aware that I was trying to make a break from the pigeon-holing as a photographer and get back into my art, which I had really not delved into for many years. I know people will think, well you had that solo exhibition with photography, but as I said in the countless of interviews photography was but a tool towards my art it was not THE tool.
Given the chance to come out in The Hub’s The Creatives I was at first a bit unsure as I had only really just restarted drawing and putting in more hours into my artwork. Something I had not done for close to two decades. So coming out on television talking about my work was very much talking about something very personal.
Looking back at the programme, it was probably one of the most important challenges I had been given by a friend and one I should be very grateful for having been given. Two years on and I actually have a table dedicated to do my work. Might seem strange for someone who did a fine art degree to say this, but it’s that easy to fall away and not find the time and then lose the confidence to return. But I have since made time for my artwork and slowly building a portfolio.
Now I can actually show some evidence I am not a ‘photographer’ I am a creative, an artist and photography happens to be among one of the tools I can use, but there is more to me than a camera alone.
And one thing is for sure, the help from friends is invaluable, but never abuse it or ask for their help if you can avoid it because it is THAT invaluable that when it’s given it has true worth.

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