The day life changed

The day life changed is a compilation of images taken between March 13th 2020 and May 13th 2020. Depicting the final hours before bars and restaurants had to close their doors and life in the streets that same weekend, through to the two months of lockdown lived in Gibraltar.
Empty streets, closed shops, people with masks is contrasted with a soundtrack that provides to give a different perspective, one of monotony and drama along with upbeat, alive type scenario. The motion art plays with senses to give two contrasting realities which lead to May 13 when Gibraltar starts to find out about its release from lockdown. The ‘fear factor’ dissipating, maybe falsely and based on a desire to socialise and not necessarily on whether the real risk exists or not like in that day when life came to a standstill.
The day life changes brings into question whether the new normality can be grasped without true risk and whether cultural and social changes can happen overnight.
The sense of drama and social upheaval from images of empty streets are best sensed when there is no noise.
That moment people felt that vulnerability, that change happen dissipates from our minds the moment the noise returns.
This simple short four minute video plays on the senses by trying to change deliberately the perceptions, creating monotony, interchanging the sound and put in motion still images of captured moments rather than motion film. The only real life motion comes in the form of a video depicting rain during the days the announcement that the lockdown is to be released, in which the sweeping wind and rain brings about a rainbow over the Rock which has everyone looking at, whilst missing around them the other images of a scenery which changed from the lack of human activity that has existed during the two months.

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