Five works and a dislike for your work…. it’s how we evolve that matters

Five images, none of which are related each other but which ultimately tell a tale of how the artist might be thinking and influenced by his surroundings.
Today I finally got to scan the images and uploaded into my image galleries at
I needed to do it after someone asked me for an interview on my work, which hopefully I will tell you about if published another day.
The interesting thing was talking about my work and then seeing my work you realise how you are influenced by your surroundings.
Today I won’t enter into long stories. It will be a short blog.
Why I’m writing its is because of every reason you usually don’t write about something, because today I felt like burning my work, I felt like trashing it and it all felt mediocre.
And the reason I don’t mind admitting this is because I want others to know that this happens often. It happens to every creative and its good that it happens. It means that as long as you don’t let it consume you your next piece will be better than the one before because you are looking to make better what you feel was wrong with other pieces.
So yes, don’t be satisfied with your work (but don’t trash it like I have done before, you will regret it. Hate it, hide it if need be, but don’t destroy it)

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