A look at Gibraltar under lockdown

Like many others from working in sports and seeing it come to a halt there has been a necessity to make changes among which has been to assist with others areas. Having worked in news for quite a few years now before focusing exclusively on sport means that it was not a difficult transition as such.
This has taken me out onto the streets at times to capture moments around Gibraltar whilst Gibraltar has been under lockdown due to the pandemic. Not all images make it into the paper, that’s the frustrating reality of working in print media where limited space and necessity to inform across a wide range of subjects means that not everything you produce will be seen. But it does not mean that you have not been there and witnessed things. And it does not mean that you have not necessarily captured the story. The value of those captured moments might not become apparent until much later down the line, possibly even generations to come from now.

I have been, you could say fortunate that I have been able to capture moments, although I must confess that every single time I step outside there is a fear within. The importance of capturing the moment is not as ‘important’ as staying safe. Yet you know that those moments you capture might one day be of significant importance when future generations look back and see how we are living through this pandemic.
When I look for the image I look for a story, so that it can tell others something. I am not looking for the next front page image, nor the next credit in the paper, others will do that and focus on that solely. Yet the importance of delivering a story through the image continues to come first, not whether it will be used, or whether it will meet someone’s approval. A good image will be acknowledged as such when seen and will ge recognised eventually. An image which has no real story to tell, just technically correct or shows the lack of interest in looking beyond the obvious has little value except maybe for that short brief moment to illustrate something. But an image telling a story can one day stand alone by itself and tell a full story. And my objective is to try and always seek that story and try and put as many things in contecxt within the image’s frame, not that it always works of course.
Gibraltar under lockdown has many a story to tell. Sometimes the image when seen without that phrase “under lockdown” attached to it might seem meaningless, but once attached to a picturesque street view, a cat by a pond, an elderly lady looking sullenly towards that same pond the image suddenly takes on a new meaning.
These set of images brings together some of the captures I have had a chance to take during the past days.
Wondering far and long has not been an option, even though as part of the media it is my job and therefore I can wonder, the lack of real necessity when balanced against the risks has meant that I have always limited my presence on the streets. Firstly because I do have a family I must consider and no image is worth sacrificing the wellbeing of my own family, no story is worth it. Secondly because even if we do have that exemption to work it should be used appropriately and provide an example to others.
Yet in every corner you turn there are stories to be told, stories which will one day be looked upon and will be considered as part of Gibraltar’s history. Probably this is why that urge, lost for some time to follow the Our People project has reignited.
I am sure during the next days, weeks and months there will be a lot more moments to capture as we enter what people now call the new normality.


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