The Butterfly Flew

The Butterfly Flew is an old styled noir short film with just a 30 seconds duration which attempts to try to stimulate the sensory perceptions of the viewer by attempting to throw at them scenes they can relate to, within a journey they would readily recognise but with an abstraction which will hopefully set questions to arise. Using original soundtrack and yes stock video footage. Now all that sounds pretty much as if it was a load of garbage put together to explain something which is just 30 seconds long and was done in one evening. And it possibly is if once you have watched it you think it is just a load of crap put together.
What it certainly represents at an individual personal level is an escape from the normal day to day routine which is already restricted by circumstance and which is now entering into a lockdown. It brings together the surreal idea of how picturesque dreams fly away as we enter a dark noir scene. And very much draws on my own frustrations in not having walked certain paths in my own life I tend to sometimes regret.

Video, short films and audio are among some of the areas of the creative field which I have found stimulating and somewhat of a release of artistic frustrations which sometimes creep in. My background saw me obtain an arts degree in the arts in which interactive media fine art was the main focus, the use of telematics media to replace the more traditional tools tends to come with ease. This type of art was born at a time in which computers and the internet were still very much in their infancy. Adobe photoshop for example had only just been called Barney, or something like that and the internet was college network, which we used quite effectively to produce a live performance through digital images with Petesburgh. Cybernetics was ofcourse a radical idea in the arts and being told you were not allowed to paint and draw in a fine arts course was pretty much innovative and radical.
I must admit that sometimes I miss delving into installation and public arts projects but unfortunately that is life. You sometimes have no choice but to follow the routes you have taken due to one reason or another and it usually comes with some sacrifice. Mine was always going to be leaving behind these forms of art. Back when I obtained my degree Gibraltar had as yet not really heard of public arts, street arts and installation and live performance fine arts. They were very much viewed as ‘gimmicks’ and it had only recently been adopted by the art scene locally. Thanks mainly to Alan Perez who has been instrumental in pushing it ahead and has now seen groups such as kitchen studios emerging.
Yet back in the very early 1990’s, actually at the very start of that same decade two exhibitions I was involved in saw me exhibit with my own intallation works. On both occassions there was some gasps at the fact such works were being exhibited. But I fondly remember the then Governor’s comment when he stepped onto my installation to speak to me, his thumbs up were very much appreciated as he whispered to me that he obviously couldn’t do it too publicly as others in that same room were already expressing their dislike of such works.
Film and sound you could say are tools which I use which in many ways are aimed at replacing the lack of opportunity i have had to re-enter back into the world of installations.
Many ask me why and the simple reason is that it was a long time ago since i last walked those paths and it was my choice to leave the fine arts behind whilst I sort to find secure employment. It does not mean I lost the yearning for it or didn’t follow it from afar, it just means I never practiced it. But the ideas continue to flow, some in my head a few in sketches.
The idea of going beyond the boundaries of the space which a canvas restricts you to is among one of the key elements in my artwork.
You could say that my biggest influence has been the philosophies professed by cybernetic arts. It is not the artist who makes the work but the viewer who participates in it. This is why many a time when someone asks me what does my work mean I do not respond with some meaningless jumble of intellectualised phrases in an attempt to describe it. My general answer places the viewer as the one who will be answering, ultimately.
This is one thing that installation arts, live performance art and moving arts provides which sometimes the static hang-framed arts are missing. Involving the senses and imagination and playing on the personal experiences of the viewer each piece of art will always have a new meaning between the different individuals experiencing it.
Emersing the viewer, audience, whatever you wish to call them, within your artwork provides you with an opportunity to bring them into your own world of thoughts without a need to explain yourself.
Sound provides such an escape, although I cannot be in any way even distantly linked to music as it has no relation to music at all. Video provides the visual moving stimulus that installation through real life presence can provide, although it is still distant from it. Yet it is an escape from the framed canvas.
You could say that the Butterfly Flew represents in many way so much of what I am, and nothing at all of it.
For other short films you can check out my Short Films here.Short Films here.Short Films here.

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